Saturday, May 5, 2007

Annotation #4

The School Wars Continue: Goofiness or Godliness

Annotation #3

Worshipping in Public Schools

Annotation #2

Religion and Education: Walking the Line in Public Schools

Annotation #1

Religion In Public Schools?
Who Decides?


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Friday, April 20, 2007

Annotation #5

Teaching about Religion
The article was about how teachers in public schools should find a common ground when it comes to discussing/talking/celebration religion in the school environment. Some suggestions for finding a way to talk casually about this subject were to be able to celebrate those religious holidays but be unbiased to others views on them as well. Not to promote a religion but to just identify it and how it came to be and what effect it has had on our community that we have today.

Monday, March 19, 2007

el Spring Break

"Rachel had a really awesome Spring Break, love Valentina"

Valentina speaks the truth. I really did have an awesome Spring Break, I did something everyday of the week, and was hardly ever bored! On Friday I woke up and my brother and his girlfriend came to pick me up and we began our roadtrip of awesomeness. We jammed to the Goo Goo Dolls the whole trip. When we arrived at our destination, in Nissewa, we met up with the others that were spending the weekend with us. After we all got settled, we went out to a resturant called Rafferty's and had the BEST pizza I have ever had. The next day (Saturday) we had a big snowball fight, boys versus girls of course, and the girls won! For the rest of the night we all chillaxed and played a game. On our last day (Sunday) we all we were very sad to leave, and hung out and talked until it was time to leave. The drive home was really boring because I rode home with my dad and my step-mom, and they didn't jam to good music. When I got home I unpacked and then went to my friends house to feed her cat, then went to my boyfriends house and hung outside for a few hours. On Monday, I pretty much hung out all day, then at 9 pm I got a message asking me if i wanted to go to McDonalds. I graciously accepted the offer and went out and had fun. On Tuesday I went to my boyfriends again and watched the greatest movie ever, Agent Cody Banks. That was pretty much it. Wednesday morning I had to get up and go to the doctor, which was not fun. Then I waited for it to be 7 pm so I could go to Valentina's house and partayy! At Valentina's house we played Dance Dance Revolution, and Apples to Apples. I slept over at her house and we, and the other people that were there, went to the Mall of America and had TONS and TONS of fun. I made a build a bear cow, and name it Humphrey Bogart. On Saturday my boyfriend came over and we watched Harry Potter. It was also my mom's friend's birthday so we went out to Ruby Tuesdays and ate yummy food. On the last day, I went out with a friend to go see the movie, Because I Said So... it was an excellent movie! That is what I did, and I'm stcking to my story =]